Quick setup

The purpose of this documentation is to get you started as fast as possible, because your time matters and you probably have other things to worry about.

Install the package:

pip install django-session-security
# or the development version
pip install -e git+git://github.com/yourlabs/django-session-security.git#egg=django-session-security

For static file service, add to settings.INSTALLED_APPS:


Add to settings.MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES, after django’s AuthenticationMiddleware:




Add to urls:

url(r'session_security/', include('session_security.urls')),

At this point, we’re going to assume that you have django.contrib.staticfiles working. This means that static files are automatically served with runserver, and that you have to run collectstatic when using another server (fastcgi, uwsgi, and whatnot). If you don’t use django.contrib.staticfiles, then you’re on your own to manage staticfiles.

After jQuery, add to your base template:

{% include 'session_security/all.html' %}